Salı, Mayıs 15, 2007

Loves it!!! A great brand manifesto!

First, they took away the meals. Then, the pretzels. And then, the peanuts. All seven of them. Then, suddenly, those paper pillows got smaller. Along with those "comfort-resistant" blankets. Then, poof, they were gone. Then, well, the buggers got clever..
No, brilliant. They started charging you for more of their awesomeness. Like $5 for a box of mini meat logs and a delicious "cheese-flavored" spread. And $2 for a pair of headphones you don't want, so you can watch a film nobody wants to watch. However, you got smart too. Figured out a way to beat the system. And armed with your tasty pre-made airport baguette, you decide you'll flip through the in-flight magazine instead. Maybe do a little shopping. Get the holidays out of the way in one shot. After all, nothing says "Hey mum, thanks for giving birth to me" more than an electric shaver/waffle maker. So, you reach into the seat pocket in front of you. And when you do, there it is. Just like you've always wanted. (Drum roll, please.) A handful of crusty used tissues. Yes, indeed. Flying has gone a bit pear-shaped lately. It's no wonder why instead of enjoying flying from point A to point B all we want to do now is catch Z's. Pity. That's not how flying used to be. Flying used to be special. Not long ago people used to get gussied up. Carry fancy suitcases. Wear derbies or something like that.

At one time in our lives the idea of air travel got us all jazzed. Wait. Americans don't say, "jazzed". Pumped. Getting your passport stamped for the first time pumped. The Grand Canyon is on the left side of the aircraft pumped. Wilbur and Orville pumped. Not that you should ever attempt to fly a plane yourself but that's not the point. The point is, after you check in at the gate, you shouldn't feel like service has checked out. Flying should make you feel like you're a virgin again. (Flying-wise, of course.) It should feel new. And on Virgin Atlantic Airways it will. Yes, we could go into all the details that do, in fact, make it different-like complimentary coctails, personal televisions and proper meals (yes, one that require utensils). And in our Upper Class cabin, a free onboard masseuse and fully flat bed-but you probably don't have time to read about that. Nope. Especially now since you've spent the last five minutes reading a large airsick bag. But doesn't that say something about you? not that you have a athing for airsick bags. Or that you collect them. What we think it says is, you agree with us: Flying shouldn't make you sick. Or tired. Or sick and tired. Unless you had a long night out at the pub. Anyway, if any of you out there are about to travel on Virgin Atlantic, cheers. Time to rinse that bad taste of flying out of your mouth. If not, we say try to enjoy your next flight. And oh, you might want to take this with you.

Virgin atlantic
go jet set, go!

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